Helen (brightsaber) wrote in deep_children,

Water water words words help me help me they’re after one thing pitter patter sunshine sadness kill me now or give my bread and water or I am the light with my soul weary eyesand all I want are pearls the lasy with the pearls oh if only you could see the saphire stonees inside of me with our cheesy popcorn and good times and she’s awesome like gold like how I want to be with the wheat bronze hair and hte sad hollow eyes she said negative people aren’t eecause they are ony eyes and if I am a flourishing oyster than what pray tell is to become of the world and my nails are black to hide the ink the ink the ink and all I want is a seashell pink something and fill me with your songs and the waves lapping up and doen and up and down it makes you seasick but it’s a beautiful dizzyness after the syrupy sweet naps I took in the sun and and now I feel the breese and the glitter in the air can’t help me it can only make me flounder like a silver glimmer of a yellow emnant and the mellowness among the colors could kill if only you gave it the chanceand all I want is the sweet foam dripping yes let my life be foam dripping you rock back and forth and you can’t stop the metalanguage has you in a trance you rock and bounce the ball and you die but you don’t and the mocha it’s dripping you order it to breathe in the richness but and but it comes back foam dripping and you are wrapped up in the seeminesss and you can’t help it oh thank you for the salon even with the oke doke it was a salon and all I want is the poetry like a beautiful person and if the sun shines in then inly you can come in this is my door with a sliver of light tied to the floor I believe in love just like the girl with the voice and the voice she came she came to salon and the voice the voice the voice was sweet and its nothing like the masquerader in the pink dress it was so wonderful a doilie under freckles I didn’t have to erase and I see that pulsing yellow light pulsing pulgin like a dorm light like my mother’s kitchen like a covered sun but there is no problem there is nothing but the beaches that are coming with their waves and blueness and the seabreeze and the waves lapping against the shore foam dripping at my feet.

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