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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
6:01 pm - zazie haistar!

sorry if you've seen this already...

*argh I'mma fighter!*

tough as nails, (although I couldn't hurt a fly) *laughs*

current mood: happy
Leave the rainbows.
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
3:19 pm

wordsCollapse )
Leave the rainbows.
Saturday, January 24th, 2004
10:39 pm

As I conceal myself once again in this cold, dark, sterile room, a dark cloud quivers over me as if having secrets to tell, I feel a breeze and I wonder if it’s for me? An answer from far away lands and all knowing ones. Something to guide me, to lift me up and fly me, to places I could only dream of, not full of normal, ordinary things that we think are of importance but full of colors no one has ever even dreamt of seeing. A place where all my troubles would flow away…

I hear rain fall. It’s cold and wet, yet it brings me warmth wondering if it’s for me? A helping hand to cover my bleeding ears, from the screams of pain and hate I hear. Rain falling to drown my heart, drown out its crying…

I see a seagull flying, fast and steady. And I wonder if it’s for me? A answer to the visions that haunt my soul. Something to spread its wings and cover my eyes. To hold me and carry me away with it’s warm soothing embrace.

Lighting strikes.

Reality, which I let escape me, comes flooding back in, memories and secrets I tried so hard to let go of, were overbearing, and they sank my heart. And as it slowly fell, I was glued in my place, and I knew the breeze was not for me. I heard the screams and I knew the rain was not for me. And tears fell from my face, forming a puddle of my sarrow, and I knew the seagull wasn’t for me.

And my heart sunk a little more.
Leave the rainbows.
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
3:30 am - im new


I'mma tree hugging hippie*Collapse )
Leave the rainbows.
Thursday, January 1st, 2004
7:49 pm

i like to write, yes.
but i have nothing profound to say lately.

-cutme beautiful-
Leave the rainbows.
7:34 pm

We are worlds apart
laying next to each other
but this distance
can be abriged
with the extension
of your hand into mine.

Storm washed window panes,
will rattle in high winds.
Scaring me as i sleep soundly
next to your beating heart.

We make nests in corners
and laugh, ridculing a future
we both believe in
more than our surroundings.
(9)Move these vibrant colorsLeave the rainbows.

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